Sustainable Development Group (SDG)

Facilitating the development of social infrastructure by establishing vibrant community hubs that embrace Christian principles, creating welcoming spaces where locals can build meaningful relationships

Who We Are

Sustainable Development Group Ltd (SDG) is a mission-driven, not-for-profit (NFP) real estate development management and advisory organisation.

SDG has been established to facilitate property development projects which maximise the spiritual, social, environmental and financial returns of properties owned by churches and other faith-aligned NFPs in Australia.

We catalyse and bring together aligned consortiums of land-owners, commercial investors/funders and long-term tenants to activate sites and drive outcomes that are sustainable for the long-term.

About us
SDG Church Site Projects

Our Services

Richard and Kent in a meeting

We offer a broad range of integrated development management, research, finance, project management, design and strategic advisory services, underpinned by deep knowledge of church and faith-based NFP structures and the ability to navigate often complex approval processes.

We deliver projects that both support the missional objectives of the landowner and are designed to be genuinely sustainable for the long-term. We do this by considering the spiritual, social, environmental and financial outcomes of each development within its community context, the ‘Quadruple Bottom Line’.

What we offer

Our People

SDG offers a diverse team of strategic advisory, design, development management, research, finance, investment, leasing, valuations, acquisitions and project management, professionals with over 150 years of collective experience gleaned in senior roles across several of Australia’s leading commercial and NFP property development, architecture, management consulting, financial and community service organisations.

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